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At Secuirum Fox Technologies, We greatly value the dissent of our customers.
Hence in case one decides to withdraw from courses offered at our institution,
We permit a complete refund and cancellation within 5 days of the date of

How to place a refund request?
To place a refund. Kindly contact us via mail at
or through mobile phone at +919652038194 for Indian users and +1315-407-138
for abroad users, for review reasons, Kindly leave a reason for withdrawal from
the course in your mail. Your request will be reviewed in 48 hours standard
response period.

Mode of refund?
Refunds are usually returned via the original payment method.

Time frame for the refund?
We will ensure that you receive the full refund in 48 hours and that you
experience a smooth transaction.

What to do in case there is an issue with the transaction?
In inevitable circumstances where the amount has been debited from your bank
account, but the transaction has not been reflected for us. We humbly request you
to contact +919652-038-194 for clarification, our team will guide you through the