Application Penetration Testing Training

Application Penetration Testing Training

Application Penetration Testing Training is a hands-on training designed to test vulnerabilities in services and applications running on local networks, as well as services, services and web applications running at network level over the internet. This training is primarily aimed at people who want to work in this field and make a career, but since it is explained as a whole from basic to advanced level, it appeals to everyone who is interested in cyber security.

Since the information learned during the training is mainly based on sectoral experiences, those who complete the training will have a solid foundation in the cyber security sector to become a “Penetration Testing Specialist” by having knowledge about both web application tests and network security tests. In addition to this, they will learn a good network knowledge in technical terms and the points that should be paid attention during the tests, down to the fine details. Education also allows the application of the knowledge learned in our laboratory, which we developed for education.

Applied Penetration Test Training is given by our CEH, OSCP certified cyber security experts.

Training Type: Institutional, Individual
Duration: The training lasts 5 days, 40 hours.
Certificate: Those who attend the trainings will be given a certificate of participation by Securium Fox.

Education Prerequisites:

  • Basic Linux System Administration Knowledge
  • Basic Windows System Management Knowledge
  • Network Basics

Application: The topics covered in the training are reinforced with live examples and necessary applications are made for the participants to understand the subject. With the Capture the Flag application realized at the end of the training, the participants reinforce all the subjects they have learned.

Material: Training materials will be delivered to the participants in print and digital form.

Educational content:

  • Cyber ​​Security Fundamentals
  • Penetration Testing Basics
  • Network Basics
  • Basic Web Application Security Knowledge
  • Basic Linux Knowledge
  • Information Collection Methods
  • Security Vulnerabilities and Discovery Methods
  • Introducing Frequently Used Tools
  • Metasploit Introduction
  • Burp Suite Introduction
  • Exploitation Phase
  • Post Exploitation Phase
  • Packet Analysis and Sniffing
  • Web Application Security
  • Security Systems and Evasion Methods
  • IPS/IDS/WAF Bypass Techniques
  • DoS/DDoS Attacks
  • Password Cracking Attacks
  • Wireless Network Attacks
  • Applications
  • Reporting

Cost : USD 342.03INR 25,000/-

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