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Information Security Awareness Training

Information Security Awareness Training is a training designed mainly for corporate employees to acquire information security awareness. This training is aimed at all employees of institutions and organizations in today’s world, where the importance of cyber security is increasing day by day, and since it is a training for cyber security awareness, it appeals to everyone who is interested in the subject.

Since the information learned during the training is mainly based on sectoral experiences, people who complete the training will gain awareness of cyber security.

The training period is 2 days.

Participants in the training will be given a certificate of participation by Securium Fox.

Educational content:

  • Cyber ​​Security Fundamentals
  • Threat Concept
  • Analysis of Events in the Past
  • Analysis of Current Attack Methods
  • Attack Sources
  • Precautions to be Taken
  • Security Policies
  • Personal Security
  • Social Engineering Attacks


Cost : USD 27.36INR 2,000/-

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