Open Source Intelligence Analysis

Open Source Intelligence Analysis

With its open source intelligence analysis service, SecuriumFox analyzes its customers’ data on the internet from the perspective of cyber attackers and reveals possible threats and weaknesses with a detailed report. With open source intelligence analysis, we identify and present the data held by cyber attackers that can be used against your organization.


Within this service, SecuriumFox team firstly discovers your company’s internet-enabled assets. Your discovered inventories are put into a security analysis together with passive research techniques. In this analysis, possible weaknesses and weaknesses that may pose a threat to your organization are discovered. The data published on the internet that may threaten your institution are also revealed together with the analysis. During these determinations, no active traffic is generated for the institution and more than 20 attack vectors are controlled during the analysis process. All steps consist of passive information gathering methods.


After the analysis, SecuriumFox team shares the findings with the institution together with a detailed report. Possible attack vectors and the measures to be taken are detailed in the report and presentation. With this analysis, it may be possible to prevent a possible attack beforehand.


Why Choose Us

Securium Fox Technology has an excellent track record of supporting our clients as they improve their security posture and maintain alignment with their strategic objectives. Utilizing our many years of in-depth and security-focused experience, our team of IT experts has successfully assisted clients from a broad spectrum of industries in achieving optimal performance and security for their organizations’ infrastructure.

  • Extemly low response time at all time
  • We are always ready for your growth
  • We understand security and compliance


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