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Technical Cyber Security Assurance and Incident Response

Securium Fox provides risk-based cyber security architecture design, and assurance services that are proportionate and effective for your technology solutions. Fully aligned with International standards, these services will help you to realise the full potential of your technology with the assurance that information is protected and incidents effectively managed.

Our Security Assurance service, coupled with our deep systems engineering and critical infrastructure knowledge, provides our clients with a robust and credible technical design assurance capability, including the independent verification of complex software, platform, network and system designs.


1.Requirements capture and analysis

2.Cyber security architecture review, scoping, design and implementation

3.Technical cyber security strategy, guidance and review

4.Cross domain assurance ArcSight ESM Administrator

5.Risk assessments includes: CompTIA Security+

6.Compromise assessments, SPLUNK User Behaviour Analytics

7.Incident response management and training, Media Training-HTML, XML and XSLT

8.Digital forensics capability

9.Penetration testing capability

10.Cyber Essentials+ accreditation & guidance


1.Increased understanding of security posture ArcSight Analyst 6.9x Course (HPE)

2.Maximised digital resilience including: CERT Insider Threat Training

3.Optimised security assurance and operational effectiveness

4.Minimised cyber security and information risk

5.Reduced cyber security burden Stroom Package

6.Reduced security costs

7.Full benefit gained from your technology investments

8.Improved cyber security culture and user trustworthiness

9.Impartial and independent cyber security advice and guidance

10.Proportionate, scalable and tailored to your goals and budget

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