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Why SOC as a Service?

Organizations are facing new security problems as cloud computing grows. Putting a high degree of security is not within the reach of many organizations. Choosing to outsource SOC services to SecuriumFox  offers the organization’s expertise and skills to counter cyber threats directly and effectively. By mixing state-of-the-art technology with genuine human intuition, the trusted, controlled SOC from  SecuriumFox  provides accurate, actionable advice to keep your data secure. Our Managed SOC-as-a-service is ideally tailored for organizations that want to have a comprehensive understanding of what is happening within their network, both on the premise and in the cloud, in order to be able to respond to potential threats instantly.

What we cover?

With full transparency and a deep understanding of your full IT estate. We continuously monitor 24/7/365 across on-premise (physical & virtual), cloud (public & private) and hybrid infrastructures, endpoints (remote & local), and software (local & SaaS)

SaaS – O365, G Suite, Okta, Box & more

Cloud IaaS – AWS, Azure

On-Premise – Physical & Virtual Networks

Endpoints – Windows, Linux, MacOS

       SecuriumFox SOC as a Service includes:

Fully managed advanced SOC built on SIEM platform

Round the clock support :

  • Managed security with monitoring
  • Incident & event reporting
  • Centralized dashboard

External & internal vulnerability scanning at regular intervals

  • Round the clock monitoring
  • Intrusion detection Services/Intrusion Prevention Services, network flow analysis

Threat Detection Services

  • Events investigation in case of suspects
  • Correlate events
  • Alert prioritization
  • Suspicious behavior of the user
  • Network traffic patterns and packets

Expert Investigation Services

  • Root cause analysis
  • Analysis and triage of malware

Incident Response Services

  • SIEM is built on the National Institute Of Standards and Technology(NIST) framework

Compliance Management

  • Such as PCI, HIPAA, SOX, etc.

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